G.S. Auto International Ltd. G.S. Auto

Manufacturing Facilities


As a manufacturing company, over the years we have multiplied capacities, built up technologies and invested in equipments that place us in a unique league.

  • Cold Forging Facility
  • Hot Forging Facility
  • Bar Drawing Facility
  • Heat Treatment Facility
  • Carburising
    Controlled Atmosphere Continuous Heat Treatment Plant
  • Induction Hardening
  • Machining Facility
  • VMC / CNC Turning Centres
  • SPM's
  • Multi-Station Robotized Transfer Lines
  • Surface Treatment
  • Phosphating
  • Auto Black
  • Zinc Electro-Plating
  • Painting, Powder Coating
  • CED Coating
  • Tool Room
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous Foundry
  • Testing Facilities
  • Chemical
    Micro Structural Analysis
  • Metallurgical Laboratory
  • CAD / Uni Graphics & other Designing Softwares
    At G.S., the focus is on achieving best possible quality through stringent control on repeatability of manufacturing processes. All manufacturing processes for processing of Alloy Steel Components i.e. Annealing, Bar Drawing, Hot Forging, Cold Forging, Precision Machining, Heat Treatment and Induction Hardening are available under one roof and are made to perform to deliver finished goods of highest quality acceptable to valued customers.

    Systemized Approach Towards Global Competitiveness

    At G.S., we always strive to manage the resources using globally tested concepts and techniques. After successful implementation of 5S & 3M concepts within the organization, we are committed to work toward Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Total Quality Management (TQM).

    Customer Support System

    Feedback in any business is the blue print of its progress. Based on this knowledge, we have always stressed our nerves to keep our customer highly satisfied. Principal approach is Cost-effectiveness by reduced rejection rate and process control.

    Access to Latest Technology

    Technology Up gradation and Know how can only unlock the fortunes. Smooth and uninterrupted Information flow and data acquisitions not only reduce the lead-time to have accessto the latest technology but also serve as a road map to the fast changing customer need. These bare realities have been accentuated at G.S. using Information Technology.
    The capability to Design, Develop and Manufacture different Jigs and Fixtures, Inspection Gauges and Special Purpose Machines and Equipments helps to develop new products In minimum possible time, while keeping the cost to minimum possible.
    For Cast, Non Ferrous and S.G. Iron components, the complete manufacturing setup, i.e. IVIelting, IVIoulding, Stress Relieving and Precision IVIachining ensures controlling different parameters to perfection resulting in finely crafted castings with deliveries commencing in time.
    The Casting Division of GS Auto International Ltd., is the fastest growing business division of the company. GS Auto has three casting manufacturing facilities. Two of these are located within GS Estate's main manufacturing location in Ludhiana and third one is located in Adityapur Industrial Area, Jamshedpur manufacturing OEM grade machined castings. We specialize in all kind of automotive suspension castings in weight range of 500 grams to 28kgs for general auto parts and wheel hubs upto 36kgs., and thin walled casted parts.

    Range of the Parts Manufactured :

    • Brackets
    • Anti Roll Bar Support Brackets
    • Cab Suspension Brackets
    • Shock Absorber Support Brackets
    • Engine Mounting Arms
    • Hanger Shackles
    • Threaded Rings
    • Wheel Hubs
    • Brake Drums
    • Brake Discs

    Major Casting Grades

    SG Iron as per IS 1865 : SGI/FCD 400/12, 450/10, 450/12, 500/7, 600/3
    SG Iron as per DBL 4440 : GGG 40, GGG 50, GGG 60, GGG 70
    Grey Iron Castings as per IS 210 & IS 4843 : FG 150, FG 200, FG 220, FG 260, FG 300, FG 350, FG 400

    Special Grades Developed : SG 700/7


    Foundry Details Ludhiana Facilities :

    Moulding Line Details :

    Mould Type : Linear Semi Automatic
    Bunch Weigint : Max 40 Kgs
    Cast Components Weight : 1 kg to 28 Kgs
    Average Annuai Capacity : 12000 ton


    Mould Box Sizes :

    490 X 395 X 70 mm · 515 x 315 x 175 mm

    515 x 415 X 85 mm · 515 x 415 x 125 mm
    520 X 330 X 180 mm · 525 x 420 x 125 mm
    550 X 460 X 230 mm · 560 x 460 x 125 mm


    Jamshedpur Division

    Moulding Line Details :
  • High Pressure Horizontal IVIoulding Line
  • Match 130 from Disa Denmark
  • Flask Less Moulding
  • 120 Moulds per hour for Items with Core
  • 160 Moulds per hour for Non Core Items

    Mould Size

    Sand Plant Details :

  • 510 X 610 X 180 mm-250 mm Bunch Weight : Maximum 36 Kgs Cast Components from : 500 grams
  • Sand Plant from Disa India
  • Sand Handling Capacity 45 Ton/Hour
  • Cool off time Minimum - 45 minutes
  • Metered Addition of Additives

    Non-Ferrous Foundry :

    Equipped with dual track 300 kg induction furnace.
    Material used : Aluminium Bronze, Zinc Bronze & Manganese Bronze